Week 5: Thoughts on this course and Blogging

I think that Emergent Media has educated me on how media is currently changing. I learned the ins and outs of communication in all ways including technology, interactive parts of my own literacy, marketing and advertisements. Which will really help me grow and produce communication within a company. I think it is important for everyone within the Mass Communication department to take this course. I learned more then I thought I was going too, even though taking a summer class requires a lot of time which may be hard due to work i’m glad I decided to take this course. I think that even having the class with live lectures was participating in emerging media. Even though classes were held while I was at work, the fact that I could go online and see my professor and comments from fellow classmates made me feel like I was in a classroom even if I was laying in bed late at night. Its a cool perspective of learning and I think more professors should learn how to use this system. 

I also think blogging was a great experience. This isnt the first time I have blogged for a class before, but I forgot how freeing it is. Blogging allows you to let you mind wonder and let your thoughts flow. Blogging is great for Public Relations, you can learn new things through blogs as well as educate others. Having a strong blog which great follows can allow you event create or “brand yourself”. I know some people who got offered great jobs in professional sports for journalism after their blog was found by someone in the field. I think that after this class I will start blogging on something I am passionate about. Blogging is like keeping a diary that stores your thoughts. You can create your own website and its a great way to show people who you are and how you think.


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