Week 5: Social Media as Entertainment

Social Media and Entertainment have conveniently merged into one platform. I would go as far as saying that entertainment for today’s society is social media. One can entertain themselves on social media to stay occupied or up to date. Entertainment is all over social media having a impact on their audience and increasing their brand awareness or promotions. Event planners or promotions hold events and send a mass invitation out to all their friends which can reach millions of people at once. Even if someone doesn’t attend, they have read the event and are aware of whats going on. Celebrities now reach their fans through social media by Tweeting to keep them up to date, retweeting to keep fans happy and satisfied or announcing appearances or concert tours. All to increase their name or profit of the event their attending.  Instagram has become a form of entertainment completely. We post picture to entertain others and to entertain ourselves. Creating exposure with selfies, photo bombs and fun pictures fill the internet letting everybody know what your doing and where you are. Completely impossible to do with out social media.


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