Week 4: Blog 8- Media Content and Reality

We are now living in two different realms; the real world and the media world. We bounce between these two worlds with click of a smart phone, remote, or computer. Catapulting us into the media world where we can gain experience and information that we couldn’t normally getting living in the real world. It is easy to lose focus of the life you are given and the media world which is provided for us to enter so effortlessly.  The experiences we can get by watching a television show or live feed on the computer is low cost and can make you feel as if you are actually doing it yourself. This is why we have 3D television and HD screens. The entertainment aspect of the content is to make things look better then they are actually are, too maintain and keep the audience. When you go out into the real world and experience those same events for yourself, the experience is less then what you thought it was going to be like. Media has made a realm that is distant from the social elements one needs to function properly in day to day activities. The more media content you receive has a child and grow up in this multi  media world your social structure becomes skewed and it may be harder for you to connect with humans. There is no denying the huge amount of progress technology has made on the world. We have been able to break boundaries that people twenty years ago said we would never be able to break. How far are we willing to let media and content break our lives?. People believe that only children are affected by what they believe is reality and entertainment. Yet, even adults can mix up what is fantasy vs what is real and this is because producers and media creators have made it so easy to become confused. Think of media content as a portal out of the real world into a land full of ideas and things to keep you preoccupied. It is important to remember that there is another world outside of this portal that is begging you to start living in as well. 


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