Week 4: Blog 7- Social Media and Advertisements

Professionals in the field of advertising and marketing say the most important part of advertising is the audience “YOU” the reader.  You are programmed to read into advertisements and connect with them even if you don’t know you are doing so. Our culture has become materialistic due to the increasing numbers of advertisements and because they generate a huge amount of profit advertisers will go over and beyond to grab your attention. Filling your head with ideas that you need this item or your life will be easier and more satisfied with that product. If you go to the website I have provided you will see 10 Ads worth sharing, theses ads are filled with hope, inspiration, joy, humor, but they are all calculated tricks to make you feel for those in the Ad.( http://blog.ted.com/2014/03/14/ads-worth-spreading-2014/). Advertisers feel they need to do this so that way they have a glimpse of soul in the palm of their hand. 

Now that we kind of understand the nature of advertising we can understand why advertising has moved leached onto social media and wont let go. We go on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to view people we are friends with news feeds, postings, timelines and most of all pictures. Pictures of awesome vacations, new born babies, graduations and fun parties we weren’t invited too. Now these posts and pictures are linked onto Ads. Advertising has converted its way into the audiences most desired way to spend their free time…Social Media. This doesn’t have to a annoying intrusive thing, if you look at it from the right perspective. Our professors and parents tell us the only way to land your dream job is to market and brand yourself. Well, what better way to do so then social media advertising of yourself. Billions of people are on social media, connect and network yourself properly and maybe you can be a walking advertisement for the right reason. 



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