Week 5: Thoughts on this course and Blogging

I think that Emergent Media has educated me on how media is currently changing. I learned the ins and outs of communication in all ways including technology, interactive parts of my own literacy, marketing and advertisements. Which will really help me grow and produce communication within a company. I think it is important for everyone within the Mass Communication department to take this course. I learned more then I thought I was going too, even though taking a summer class requires a lot of time which may be hard due to work i’m glad I decided to take this course. I think that even having the class with live lectures was participating in emerging media. Even though classes were held while I was at work, the fact that I could go online and see my professor and comments from fellow classmates made me feel like I was in a classroom even if I was laying in bed late at night. Its a cool perspective of learning and I think more professors should learn how to use this system. 

I also think blogging was a great experience. This isnt the first time I have blogged for a class before, but I forgot how freeing it is. Blogging allows you to let you mind wonder and let your thoughts flow. Blogging is great for Public Relations, you can learn new things through blogs as well as educate others. Having a strong blog which great follows can allow you event create or “brand yourself”. I know some people who got offered great jobs in professional sports for journalism after their blog was found by someone in the field. I think that after this class I will start blogging on something I am passionate about. Blogging is like keeping a diary that stores your thoughts. You can create your own website and its a great way to show people who you are and how you think.


Week 5: Social Media as Entertainment

Social Media and Entertainment have conveniently merged into one platform. I would go as far as saying that entertainment for today’s society is social media. One can entertain themselves on social media to stay occupied or up to date. Entertainment is all over social media having a impact on their audience and increasing their brand awareness or promotions. Event planners or promotions hold events and send a mass invitation out to all their friends which can reach millions of people at once. Even if someone doesn’t attend, they have read the event and are aware of whats going on. Celebrities now reach their fans through social media by Tweeting to keep them up to date, retweeting to keep fans happy and satisfied or announcing appearances or concert tours. All to increase their name or profit of the event their attending.  Instagram has become a form of entertainment completely. We post picture to entertain others and to entertain ourselves. Creating exposure with selfies, photo bombs and fun pictures fill the internet letting everybody know what your doing and where you are. Completely impossible to do with out social media.

Week 4: Blog 8- Media Content and Reality

We are now living in two different realms; the real world and the media world. We bounce between these two worlds with click of a smart phone, remote, or computer. Catapulting us into the media world where we can gain experience and information that we couldn’t normally getting living in the real world. It is easy to lose focus of the life you are given and the media world which is provided for us to enter so effortlessly.  The experiences we can get by watching a television show or live feed on the computer is low cost and can make you feel as if you are actually doing it yourself. This is why we have 3D television and HD screens. The entertainment aspect of the content is to make things look better then they are actually are, too maintain and keep the audience. When you go out into the real world and experience those same events for yourself, the experience is less then what you thought it was going to be like. Media has made a realm that is distant from the social elements one needs to function properly in day to day activities. The more media content you receive has a child and grow up in this multi  media world your social structure becomes skewed and it may be harder for you to connect with humans. There is no denying the huge amount of progress technology has made on the world. We have been able to break boundaries that people twenty years ago said we would never be able to break. How far are we willing to let media and content break our lives?. People believe that only children are affected by what they believe is reality and entertainment. Yet, even adults can mix up what is fantasy vs what is real and this is because producers and media creators have made it so easy to become confused. Think of media content as a portal out of the real world into a land full of ideas and things to keep you preoccupied. It is important to remember that there is another world outside of this portal that is begging you to start living in as well. 

Week 4: Blog 7- Social Media and Advertisements

Professionals in the field of advertising and marketing say the most important part of advertising is the audience “YOU” the reader.  You are programmed to read into advertisements and connect with them even if you don’t know you are doing so. Our culture has become materialistic due to the increasing numbers of advertisements and because they generate a huge amount of profit advertisers will go over and beyond to grab your attention. Filling your head with ideas that you need this item or your life will be easier and more satisfied with that product. If you go to the website I have provided you will see 10 Ads worth sharing, theses ads are filled with hope, inspiration, joy, humor, but they are all calculated tricks to make you feel for those in the Ad.( http://blog.ted.com/2014/03/14/ads-worth-spreading-2014/). Advertisers feel they need to do this so that way they have a glimpse of soul in the palm of their hand. 

Now that we kind of understand the nature of advertising we can understand why advertising has moved leached onto social media and wont let go. We go on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to view people we are friends with news feeds, postings, timelines and most of all pictures. Pictures of awesome vacations, new born babies, graduations and fun parties we weren’t invited too. Now these posts and pictures are linked onto Ads. Advertising has converted its way into the audiences most desired way to spend their free time…Social Media. This doesn’t have to a annoying intrusive thing, if you look at it from the right perspective. Our professors and parents tell us the only way to land your dream job is to market and brand yourself. Well, what better way to do so then social media advertising of yourself. Billions of people are on social media, connect and network yourself properly and maybe you can be a walking advertisement for the right reason. 


Week 3: Blog 6- Online Privacy Issues

You are a target. Your privacy and identity is always going to be at risk if your information is on the internet. People and companies are hired or trained to watch the internet and sites that people visit. These type of companies and people are searching for your browsing history, personal information and possibly even your identity/credit card information. Cybercrime has many classifications such as identity theft, piracy, forgery, hacking, financial fraud and thats only naming a few. By revealing to much information about yourself online, or by buying something from an unsafe site can leave you as a victim. 

Many people have heard of the MTV television show Catfish. This reality show is based around the lies of online dating. Part of the show is revealing the “catfish”, which is a term used to identify a person who creates a fake profile on social media sites or pretending to be someone else by stealing other peoples pictures and information. This show may be entertaining to the audience or viewer; but have you ever wondered if someone is using your information or picture to fool someone else?. Your information or identity could be compromised and you are not even aware of it.  

In a press release by the Bureau of Justice Statistics “ 6.6 million people, representing 7 percent of all persons age 16 or older in the United States, experienced at least one incident of identity theft in 2012”. You don’t have to be apart of the statistic if you are careful about who you reveal your credit card information, accounts, personal information and photos with.  Just remember, once it is on the internet it can never be erased, even if you press delete. 

Week 3: Blog 5- The negative effects of social media

According to http://socialnetworking.procon.org/  “In July 2012 Americans spent 74.0 billion minutes on social media via a home computer, 40.8 billion minutes via apps, and 5.7 billion minutes via mobile web browsers, a total of 121.1 billion minutes on social networking sites.” Time spent away from normal everyday activities like studying if your in college, or meeting the love of your life through dating websites is somewhat disobeying your duty as a human. There are only certain things we can do as a human which I believe are live and love. Living to fulfill our human needs to interact with one another were originally meant to be face to face interaction. With social media and social networking we have created a cyber world where people don’t need to leave their living rooms to meet someone. There are so many sites online that we cant even accurately begin to count how many different forms of social networking and media there are. The only problem is, the more we interact and create profiles on the new and upcoming social media site, the more we make ourselves vulnerable for someone who may be searching us to get a job, or possibly even be fired. Today the workforce is extremely competitive and hard to land a job and keep it. Social media is a great wade to weave out the resumes when a recruiter or HR representative does a search on your name through the common search engine. The best thing you can do is not to badmouth any previous employer or current, you can learn a lot about someone and their personality traits by their twitter alone. This can a down fall for many recent college graduate or the average worker. There are more negative effects to social media then positive when it comes down to the nitty gritty. But there are positive effects too. Just watch what you say, do and post, it can back fire and get you in trouble with the law or keep you from getting a job.