Week 2: Blog 4- Children are special audiences

Children are considered a special audience not only by the media but in society. The reason why children are put in a special category is because they have a much higher risk for harmful effects of the messages given from the media. this is because they have lower levels of development and haven’t reach full maturity. Cognitively, emotional and morally they have not reached full understanding or enough experiences in life yet to process the message correctly.  The mind has not yet developed making it not possible for a young mind to collect out of the book ideas. As a child grows and gets older they start to posse more cognitive, emotional and moral understandings and media messages. Parents treat children with special care as well by restricting how much television or computer/ Ipod use they have in a day. Parents also restrict and protect their children from what they watch and view.  This treatment allows parents to have active conversations about what they are actually viewing on the television or “coviewing” and watching the show together. For example I babysit a young boy named Mason he is 3 years old now. Together we watch Thomas the Train and other PBS kids shows. However, Mason is only allowed to watch PBS kids network and only for about 2 hours in a day but not at all the same time. This is because he doesn’t fully grasp what he is even watching and its not good for him to be sitting in front of a TV all day. When we watch some of the shows together, using the co-viewing treatment I like to interact with him and the show; so we count together out loud and I ask him questions about the show. After reading about how children are special audiences by the media and messages I have a different aspect of Mason when I babysit him.


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