Week 2: Blog 3- What is Media Literacy?

Media Literacy is ones personal set of views that they use to allow themselves access to media and how they interpret the meaning of the messages. According to James Potter Media Literacy is “a set of perspectives that we actively use to expose ourselves to the mass media to interpret the meaning of the messages we encounter; media literacy is multi dimensional, consisting of cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, and moral dimensions; and media literacy is a continuum, not a category” (Qtd. W. James Potter Media Literacy 7th Ed). The most important elements of media literacy is to understand that you must constantly be aware of your level of understanding. Media literacy revels around the idea of understanding how the messages in the media shape our culture, society and ourselves. Sifting through real messages, underlying messages, and misguided information is a everyday event when being media literate. Adapting to the way the media leads you to believe something or use a skill that they want you to use. For starters you need to analyze the message in front of you. Break down that message by accepting the media given message or developing your own thoughts behind why they have provided you this information. Then you must evaluate the message and create your own point of view and interpret the message with your own values. The media is giving you a message for a reason, why do they want you to think this way? Do you believe the message is accurate? Do your own digging and research!. These elements will help you depict the media message and allow you to think for yourself. 


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