Week 1: Blog 2- Social Media and its Influence on my life

I think that social media has a very intoxicating influence on my life. Not just my life but the life of my friends and family members. It is completely dominating the way society is shaped. Those who take advantage of twitter inform their followers of every mood their feeling or how they feeling negatively about someone that day. Even if the name is not mentioned in the post their followers know who they are talking about just by the context clues from the before or after tweet. Facebook for example has becoming a growing phenomena over the years for businesses, advertisements and incriminated photos that will prevent you from getting your dream job. At one point in my life I had to delete my Facebook during finals week because I found myself so swallowed by the social media platform that I could not focus on the task that was truly important. As the months came closer to may I realized I had so many pictures of myself on my Facebook that could easily effect my career opportunities all because I was photographed drinking a beer, even though I was of age. It is a terrifying feeling alone knowing you have to go into the real world and get a job. Adding on the stress that there are photos of yourself floating around the internet that will never be erased.Thats the beauty of the internet isnt it?.. nothing is ever erased. Now I think that Instagram and snapchat have the most influence on my life. I find myself constantly checking instagram posts and snapchat feed. The real problem is that is ruins relationships, created unnecessary jealously problems. I stumbled upon this video the other day that I found quite accurate and explains the influence that social media and our phones have over our life. 

If you watch the video posted in the link below you will have a better understanding of what I mean.



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