Week 2: Blog 4- Children are special audiences

Children are considered a special audience not only by the media but in society. The reason why children are put in a special category is because they have a much higher risk for harmful effects of the messages given from the media. this is because they have lower levels of development and haven’t reach full maturity. Cognitively, emotional and morally they have not reached full understanding or enough experiences in life yet to process the message correctly.  The mind has not yet developed making it not possible for a young mind to collect out of the book ideas. As a child grows and gets older they start to posse more cognitive, emotional and moral understandings and media messages. Parents treat children with special care as well by restricting how much television or computer/ Ipod use they have in a day. Parents also restrict and protect their children from what they watch and view.  This treatment allows parents to have active conversations about what they are actually viewing on the television or “coviewing” and watching the show together. For example I babysit a young boy named Mason he is 3 years old now. Together we watch Thomas the Train and other PBS kids shows. However, Mason is only allowed to watch PBS kids network and only for about 2 hours in a day but not at all the same time. This is because he doesn’t fully grasp what he is even watching and its not good for him to be sitting in front of a TV all day. When we watch some of the shows together, using the co-viewing treatment I like to interact with him and the show; so we count together out loud and I ask him questions about the show. After reading about how children are special audiences by the media and messages I have a different aspect of Mason when I babysit him.


Week 2: Blog 3- What is Media Literacy?

Media Literacy is ones personal set of views that they use to allow themselves access to media and how they interpret the meaning of the messages. According to James Potter Media Literacy is “a set of perspectives that we actively use to expose ourselves to the mass media to interpret the meaning of the messages we encounter; media literacy is multi dimensional, consisting of cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, and moral dimensions; and media literacy is a continuum, not a category” (Qtd. W. James Potter Media Literacy 7th Ed). The most important elements of media literacy is to understand that you must constantly be aware of your level of understanding. Media literacy revels around the idea of understanding how the messages in the media shape our culture, society and ourselves. Sifting through real messages, underlying messages, and misguided information is a everyday event when being media literate. Adapting to the way the media leads you to believe something or use a skill that they want you to use. For starters you need to analyze the message in front of you. Break down that message by accepting the media given message or developing your own thoughts behind why they have provided you this information. Then you must evaluate the message and create your own point of view and interpret the message with your own values. The media is giving you a message for a reason, why do they want you to think this way? Do you believe the message is accurate? Do your own digging and research!. These elements will help you depict the media message and allow you to think for yourself. 

Week 1: Blog 2- Social Media and its Influence on my life

I think that social media has a very intoxicating influence on my life. Not just my life but the life of my friends and family members. It is completely dominating the way society is shaped. Those who take advantage of twitter inform their followers of every mood their feeling or how they feeling negatively about someone that day. Even if the name is not mentioned in the post their followers know who they are talking about just by the context clues from the before or after tweet. Facebook for example has becoming a growing phenomena over the years for businesses, advertisements and incriminated photos that will prevent you from getting your dream job. At one point in my life I had to delete my Facebook during finals week because I found myself so swallowed by the social media platform that I could not focus on the task that was truly important. As the months came closer to may I realized I had so many pictures of myself on my Facebook that could easily effect my career opportunities all because I was photographed drinking a beer, even though I was of age. It is a terrifying feeling alone knowing you have to go into the real world and get a job. Adding on the stress that there are photos of yourself floating around the internet that will never be erased.Thats the beauty of the internet isnt it?.. nothing is ever erased. Now I think that Instagram and snapchat have the most influence on my life. I find myself constantly checking instagram posts and snapchat feed. The real problem is that is ruins relationships, created unnecessary jealously problems. I stumbled upon this video the other day that I found quite accurate and explains the influence that social media and our phones have over our life. 

If you watch the video posted in the link below you will have a better understanding of what I mean.


Week 1: Blog 1- My thoughts on the course and blogging

This course is not my first online class however it is by far the most technical class I have had online. It is defiantly more hands on and engaging then the other classes I have been taken through out my academic career. I think that Dr. Magolis has gone over and beyond in his efforts to teach and have his students be apart of a class room environment even though we are all active via Blackboard Collaborate. In the beginning of this year I found out I was able to walk in the spring if I took six classes my spring semester and an a course in the summer session. I also was told that the Mass Communications department was getting new classes next year. At first thought I remember telling my friend Kristen Hatton, “ wow just my luck, brand new curriculum after I leave Bloomsburg”  but then I found out that one of those new classes was offered online. So here I am in Emergent Media, I have to say I am pretty excited to be apart of this class and learn something new before I am released into the real world. This will officially be my last undergrad class and i’m happy it is in the mass communication department. Emergent Media is most commonly described as communication in all forms including technology and all interactive parts that are integrated. So it was so surprise to me that we would be blogging. I am familiar with blogging after taking another PR class with Dr. Ganahl. However, we used blogger so this will be my first blog on wordpress.  We have been told time and time again to brand yourself. I think that the best way to brand yourself is to blog. In todays society we are completely consumed by the internet and it has a powerful influence. Blogging is a great way to stand out from your competitors as well has interact with people in your profession or business. Blogging is also an effective way to reach costumers, fans or family members. Either way you look at it, blogging is important in mass communications and emergent media.